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Connect your coffee business to one of the biggest coffee communities, and start selling to tens of thousands of coffee drinkers. Together, let's help them prepare better coffee, every day.


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Become part of the community

Every roaster on the Filtru app gets a dedicated page in our app. It's a chance for you to tell everyone about your business and the amazing coffee you are producing. Get in front of thousands coffee drinkers every day.

Market your products to those who really love coffee

With an easy-to-use shopping cart, Filtru users can order your coffee with the simple tap of a button. You can learn about the consumption statistics and how well was your product received.

Seamless integration

Set up your brand page, add products, and begin accepting orders in just few clicks. With our Shopify app you don't need any additional training to get your coffee up on Filtru.

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  • Altitude (masl) 1600 Meters
  • Cup Score 94.3
  • Country Thika, Kenya
  • Roast Level Light
  • FarmFinca Tamana
  • Processing MethodWashed
  • Region Finca Monteblanco, Huila
  • Producer Boyce Harries
  • Varietal Pink Bourbon
  • Varietal Catuai, Mondo Novo & Acaiá
  • Taste Notes Dark Chocolate, Fudge, Dark Sugar
  • Cup Score94.3
  • Country Thika, Kenya
  • Varietal Pink Bourbon
  • Country Kochere, Gediyo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Caffeine-powered search

Filtru app offers the most in-depth search engine, allowing customers to find coffee that meets their exquisite palate. Our Shopify integration takes away the pain of gathering all that information by automatically building up the metadata from product description.

Key search points include: Varietal, Country, Region, Producer, Farm, Processing Method, Altitude (masl), Taste Notes, Cup Score, and more…

Guided to prepare the best cup of coffee

Our aim is to help everyone enjoy better coffee. We have developed tools to educate and guide consumers to make coffee taste better. Use Branded Brew Guides to help your customers enjoy better product.

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Brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Filtru is an iOS and Android app designed for coffee enthusiasts. It notifies you when to pour, stir or wait for that perfect bloom. Each step has an indicator of how long it's going to take and what you should be doing - super easy!

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